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You can bring to your apartment at least two pets, subject to delimitation of carriage such as pet weight and pet breed. The friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy acknowledges your need to be with the community of pet-friendly residents, and does everything to transform your community into a warm abode.

The weight requirement is actually quite liberal compared to other apartment communities in other states. We would allow your favorite dogs of 50 lbs. up-and-below at the friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy.

The friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy allows a maximum of 2 pets of cats or dogs. The requirement is a one-time non-refundable fee of $300 for pets less that 50 lbs. and $400 non-refundable fee for pets greater than 50 lbs. The pet rent per pet per month is $20. You can also bring your pets to the pet park, strut along the pet walks found in designated areas of the apartment blocks of friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy.

If you happen to bring along any of the rare species of non-dog and non-cat pets, you would need to inform the office. The friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy disallows pets of aggressive breeds. Breed restrictions like Pinschers for instance, and other breeds are disallowed by the apartment community’s pet policy. The pet policy is inclusive of rare pets not within the acceptable definition of the friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy.

But if you have a disability and have brought a dog that can be of help to you, as a result of disability, within the accepted requirements of the friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy, the administrative office would be more than willing to provide you with assistance, after providing our office with information prior to signing in to your apartment.

As part of the provisions of the local law pertaining to the granting of assistance to disabled persons, any trained dog that can assist a resident in offsetting any inherent disability, as in the case of someone who is blind but has the means to stay at the friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy would be acknowledged. The same policies on pet weight, pet breed, rentals and deposits would apply.

The friendly Twinlakes Apartment Pet Policy would be more than willing to apply the standard rules governing pet caring in the community and would provide reasonable accommodations for your pets as friendly companions, including a leash-free bark park where your dogs can enjoy frolicking in the designated pet areas.

With large trees abounding, the pet park of the friendly Twinlakes Apartments Pet Policy is a mix of cool and wooded areas of natural surroundings and elegantly built apartments.Visit us now at
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